About Alnovat®

Psoriasis is a chronic, incurable dermatological disease. Alnapharm GmbH & Co. KG developed the first cream to treat Psoriasis without side effects in an effective way. The innovative design based on a patented composition of natural ingredients. More effective and better results than standard pharmaceuticals.

To treat psoriasis a long-term therapy is essential. This cream is a safe, effective and skin friendly product to treat the psoriasis. State of the art treatments use pharmaceuticals that are cost intensive and not suitable for long-term therapy because of well documented side effects. The composition guarantees a high therapeutically effect combined with skin friendliness and solves this problems. The product ingredients are based on natural raw materials.

In a randomized double blinded internationally recognized clinical trial the efficacy of the cream in comparison to placebo and an international gold standard product was tested. More than 130 patients have been enrolled in the study. The trial finished successfully.

Key facts of Alnovat:

  • High and quick effect after few days
  • Based on natural ingredients
  • Can be used as skin emollient
  • Long-term applicable for a monotherapy treatment


Here you find complex information about Alnovat®. Additionally we report on psoriasis treatment and success storiesmore

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Here you find complex information about Alnovat®. Additionally we report on analysis, indication and preanalytics as book of reference for doctors.


Psoriasis vulgaris (psoriasis) represents a frequent and almost always chronically progressing dermatological disease.

Application of Alnovat®

Alnovat cream is applied topically twice daily as a thin layer to the skin affected by psoriasis, allowing then absorption into the skin.